Mapping the Brain’s Complexity

April 18, 2011 – 9:11 am

Scientists from University College London (UCL) announced recently that they are getting closer to developing a computer model capable of mapping the functions and connections of nerve cells in the brain.  The letter, which was published in the journal Nature (published online 4/10/11,  doi:10.1038/nature09880), describes a technique developed by the researchers that allows them to ccombine information about the functions of neurons with information about their connections.  The study was led by Tom Mrsic-Flogel (UCL) and the research is  part of  “connectomics,” a newly emerging field of study in neuroscience. 

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Reference:  Ho Ko, Sonja B. Hofer, et. al.  2011.  “Functional specificity of local synaptic connections in neocortical networks. ”  Nature,  4/10/11,  doi:10.1038/nature09880 .

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