Oct 052015

Come and learn to create maps and do geospatial analysis through the libraries’ GIS workshop series. We added new workshops such  as ArcGIS Online (Oct. 9, 11:00-1:00), Python for ArcGIS (Oct. 22, 2:00-4:00) and Introduction to Web-Mapping (Oct. 21, 2:00-4:00) this Fall.  Our existing workshops such as Introduction to GIS, Introduction to QGIS and Intermediate GIS are still available on Fridays.

Please check the schedules and the detailed description of the workshops through http://dataservices.gmu.edu/workshops   . We also offer new statistical workshops such as R and SAS this semester.    Please join us these workshops until you feel comfortable to use these powerful tools for your research.

Apr 092015


This is ESRI’s initiative to allow their members of organization to share their data with the ArcGIS platform and provides a central geospatial data repository for their members of organization.  Now, citizens can find and download data in different formats such as shapefiles, KML, CSV, GeoJSON to use them into their own application.   It  also allows visualization the data through their interactive web browser, which is ArcGIS Web platform,  or mobile device.   It contains thousands of authoritative government open datasets.

See “Getting Started with ArcGIS Open Data and more at here


Feb 242015

This came across through one of my subscription sites regarding a string of lecture sources with video that discuss geography and digital mapping trend.   Several are listed below that you may find of interest.


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